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song of the storm
storm riders book one


I live on the edge. 

Literally, that is. Spending my days busking on an Irish cliff-top and my nights as someone’s holiday fling. I won’t bore you with my tragic childhood, but it’s left me allergic to complications. So I probably shouldn’t be falling for Bren, my bandmate and best friend.

It’s time to find a new guy to distract me from this disaster. Lucky for me, three new guys have blown into town with a storm.

Fintan, all soft smiles and wise eyes. Airech, the gorgeous flirt, so out there he makes me look shy. And Cap, who's more the strong, silent type. In that he’s twice my size and doesn’t say a word.

I’m sure a torrid night with one of them would help me get over Bren. That’s before I find out that not only are they ancient Irish gods, but I’m the one who's summoned them. Somehow. And following close behind them are evil demons and the end of the world. Even worse, I can't forget Bren, and now I’m catching feelings for these gods, too. All three of them.

I’m not on the edge anymore. I’m falling off it.

Song of the Storm is the first book in the Storm Riders series. A medium burn MMMM gay harem paranormal fantasy romance, it features friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, ancient Irish gods, angels, demons and lots of passion and adventure. Includes two bonus prequel chapters!

An earlier version of this story was published as Storm Boys; it has now been totally reimagined and rewritten.

Available to buy on Amazon and read with Kindle Unlimited now.

storm riders book 2


So, I'm dead.

My three god lovers prefer the term temporarily immortal. But the whole temporary part means I'm going to have to give up my soul sooner or later and die for real. Fintan, Airech and Cap will do anything to stop that from happening, even if it means going to their old tribes for help. The tribes that consider them traitors and want to turn them against me. What could possibly go wrong?

The trouble is, we’re short on options. Bren is gone, and the evil Sluagh demons are on the hunt, led by Zaz, the fallen angel. He’s ruthless, cunning and cruel. He’s also stunning, even in those ridiculous leather trousers. Pity he's not my type. When someone murders your best friend in cold blood, it's usually a deal-breaker.

But what if Zaz isn’t what he seems? He knows more about my past than he should, and he’s hiding something. Or just maybe, it’s someone. Someone I love. Could this demon without a heart be the key to mending mine?

Wings of the Storm is the second book in the Storm Riders series. 



I hold them together, or we all get torn apart. No pressure, then.

Bren’s alive and safe in my arms. And someone I trusted with all my heart is a supernatural sociopath who wants me dead. You win some; you lose some.

And this last one, we have to win. It’s time for the showdown between the forces of evil and, er, not-quite-so-evil. On our side is a dysfunctional ragtag band of immortals from heaven, hell and every afterlife in between. The one thing they have in common? Me. They'll do anything to protect me, but after their first battle goes horribly wrong, it looks like that mightn’t be enough.

Somehow I'm going to have to prove to them that to win this thing, they need me to be there. Not hiding behind them, but fighting by their side. So I can hold them together — the supernatural superglue. It’s what I was born for. Even if it means I have to die for it, too.

Cry of the Storm is the final book in the Storm Riders trilogy.


a storm riders story

The sea stole their souls. Now they want my heart. 

It’s 1997 and Ireland is changing, but not fast enough for me. I’m tired of this tiny village and my life of “onlys”. The only gay man who’s out. The only son who never knew his father.  

The ocean has always been my one refuge, that is, until the dawn I’m snatched up by selkies. Three men who died at sea long ago and became shape-shifting seals, straight out of the pages of an Irish fairytale. They thought they were saving me from the same fate—instead, they’ve bound me to them. 

They can’t leave my side for seven days, while I try to discover if one of them is my soul mate. A week to decide if I want to be with Cathal, whose laugh lifts the sky, or Oliver, with his charming manners and thoughtful frowns. Or bossy silver fox David, who only seems to have the frowns. Especially when he’s talking to me. I’m supposed to choose only one of them or walk away from all of them. 

But I’m tired of my life of onlys. 

Selkie Sea is a standalone novella set in the Storm Riders Universe. 

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